We believe our furry guests deserve the best of the best — and that is exactly what we provide for them! While in daycare, your dog enjoys up to six hours of off-leash, stimulating, and energetic play. Our facility provides many amenities including:

  • Rock bubblers and fountains
  • Agility equipment
  • Tunnels
  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Sand pit for digging
  • Doggy pools, sun sails and umbrellas in the summer
  • Fresh drinking water, available to your dog at all times

For your benefit, our play areas are covered in canine-turf, ensuring your dog will come home much cleaner – and thus keeping you, your car, and your home cleaner as well!

Hours, Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Find our daycare hours below as well as recommended drop off and pick up times to ensure you and your dog get the most out of daycare.

Full-Day Daycare Hours:

  • Your dog will enjoy up to 6 hours of group play
    • Group Play: 9am to 4pm (Mon – Sat)
    • Drop Off & Pickup: Anytime 7am to 7pm (Mon – Fri); 8am to 6pm (Sat)

Half-Day Daycare Hours:

  • Group Play (Mon – Sat)
    • 9am – 12pm (Mon – Fri drop off/pick up anytime 7am – 1pm; Sat drop off/pick up anytime 8am – 1pm)
    • 1pm – 4pm (Mon – Fri drop off/pick up anytime 12pm – 7pm; Sat drop off/pick up anytime 12pm – 6pm)
  • Group Play Sunday – for boarding or by appointment only:
    • 1pm – 4pm (Drop off/pick up anytime 12pm – 6pm)

All dogs must be:

  • Approved for play through our temperament evaluation process
  • Clean and in good health (no fleas, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea for 48 hours prior to arrival at the facility)
  • Current on all required vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella
  • On a flea and heartworm preventative program
  • Spayed or neutered (6 months or older)

**Please note unfortunately we cannot accommodate dogs that are in active heat or are within 21 days of last heat

Daycare is open 7 days a week!*

We play RAIN or SHINE with our spacious outdoor playgrounds and our temperature-controlled indoor play room!

We follow temperature & weather guidelines to determine whether we play outdoors or indoors.

*Sunday daycare is available for boarding dogs or by appointment only. See above for Half-Day Daycare hours.

To get started:

  • Create an account on our online scheduling software Gingr.
  • Log into your account to digitally sign our agreements, including our Daycare/Boarding Registration Form and Agreement. You can also upload your current vaccination records, if available.
  • Our team will receive a notice that you have created an account and one of our Front Desk Attendants will call or email you to schedule your dog’s Temperament Evaluation.
  • Once your dog has passed the Temperament Evaluation, you will be able to log into your account to edit your personal information, schedule daycare and boarding, make payments or check the status of your packages.
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