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Welcome to Happy Dogs! Your dog’s favorite hangout for over 14 years! With plenty of activities and extras, Happy Dogs is Muncie’s choice for a safe, clean environment which includes lots of loving care. Our 7,000 sq ft facility includes dog daycare, boarding, grooming, self wash tubs, training, and a retail store.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

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Holiday Parties – So, is the dog invited?

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Perhaps one of the hardest parts of having a dog around the holidays is deciding how to handle parties and get-togethers in your home. As someone with a small swarm…

Littermate Syndrome

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What’s cuter than a brand new puppy? Well, what about TWO puppies?! It’s true, doubling the puppy count does increase your odds for lots of “awwwwhh” moments as they grow…

Predation and Dogs-Normalizing Behavior

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We love this article about a dog’s natural predatory behavior from Lisa Skavienski. It really illustrates why we/you experience similar behavior from our dogs at daycare/home. One gorgeous summer morning,…