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Welcome to Happy Dogs! Your dog’s favorite hangout for over 14 years! With plenty of activities and extras, Happy Dogs is Muncie’s choice for a safe, clean environment which includes lots of loving care. Our 7,000 sq ft facility includes dog daycare, boarding, grooming, self wash tubs, training, and a retail store.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

Introducing your dog to daycare at Happy Dogs

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Taking your dog to daycare is one of the best things you can do for your dog (in our humble opinion)! Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy or older…

My job as Front Desk / Customer Service

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It starts with the flip of a switch and a press of a few buttons… That is how most days begin here at Happy Dogs. A few barks and we…

What’s in a Groom?

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What’s in a groom? Quite a lot actually. Beyond the basics of what occurs when you drop your dog off, there are lots of hours of training, practice, seminars, reading,…
We have been taking our dogs here for years. The service is excellent. When my husband passed away it was really hard to get all 3 of my Carin Terriers in and back out to the car. I was always worried they would slip out of their leash. No problem they always help me carry them to and from the car.
Excellent staff, facility, and service. Have always been treated very well here and the training has helped my dog tremendously.
Operating a 5 star business myself I know how important is to offer quality service and get great reviews... I chose this business because of their great review standing. Everyone was exceptionally nice friendly and the environment was beautiful inside.. they did a fantastic job on my Pomeranian. The pricing was completely Fair. This was also the first time coming to this business. I am now a lifetime customer for sure. Allison was exceptionally nice to all the customers and you could tell she loves all of the animals and the waiting room was busy.. You simply can tell everyone loved their job.. I have used a couple other places before and I was somewhat happy with them. But I found this place to be the spot to take care of my fur baby. Thank you all!
Happy Dogs is hands down the best place I’ve taken our sweet pup Daisy to. They always ask what we are wanting and always delivers. I know Daisy is a handful but they take great care of her. I would recommend them to everybody! Thanks Happy Dogs!
Our two Weims love staying at Happy Dogs. They are always so excited when we arrive, and look great when we pick them up. The staff gives loads of extra TLC to our senior boy, and our younger boy loves playing with the other dogs!
I have used Happy Dogs (Happy, Clean & Smart) for 13 years! Happy Dogs have grown & went above all my expectations. My Jake is my Fur Baby and they are the only ones I'm 100% confident & comfortable leaving him in there hands!!! Thank you for your business and your ❤ for our fur babies!!!
The Twisted Sisters always love their time at Happy Dog where everyone is loved and accepted.... (tail or no tail) haha
Day care is wonderful! My husky loves it!!
My pups love Happy Dogs. When we pull into the parking lot they go absolutely crazy and their tags go a hundred miles an hour ❤️
We’re new to Indiana and finding a new daycare for my fur-baby was at the top of my to-do list. Thankfully, I didn’t need to look far. The staff is friendly and treat my Zoey like family, even send me pics when I’m out of town for extended work trips.The email confirmations for scheduled boarding is a huge plus as well. I’m always second guessing the dates I asked for; now I can just verify by pulling up the email.Love Happy Dogs!
Did a great job grooming Chase😊
How well the dogs are taken care of .My two were a mess especially wezzie and they look and smell so good thank you
They love dogs and took great care of trooper.
Maxwell loves going to Happy Dogs! Everyone is friendly and professional. He's always happy and calm going and returning back home. Thank you
We have been clients of Happy Clean and Smart for quite a few years. They have always been professional, loving to all our puppies .Jackie Quinn is an awesome groomer and loves her job and her clients. Anyone who chooses to go to Happy Clean and Smart will not be disappointed.
Our dog Luna goes to Happy Dogs usually about 3 days a week. She loves it 🙂 Everyone there is professional and genuinely seems to care about all the dogs. She had a great time playing and when I ask her if she wants to go play with her friends, she always perks up and jumps in the car. I like that I can bring food for her each day - since she eats special food - and they are always good about giving me the leftovers (its expensive!) Thanks guys for giving Luna a fun "home away from home".
Gracie loves Happy Dogs 🙂
They always take care of my Luigi! He leaves looking so good and acts so happily!! Stephanie takes such good care of him!!
They love our dogs, that’s all we ask for. Love the lady with gray hair. Sorry I don’t remember her name. You do not have to worry about the care when they are there
I’ve always loved happy dogs but they have went above and beyond recently. Our dachshund recently passed away and I just got a card in the mail today from all of her groomers. So blessed to have found them. Not only do they do a great job, but I know they genuinely care about my fur babies!
I take my 7 yr old shih tzu, Bogart, to be groomed by Jenn Morgan every month. He loves it, but mostly loves her. She does a fantastic job with him.
Our Great Dane Magnolia loves coming to see her friends at Happy Clean and Smart for day care. As soon as we turn into the parking lot her tail starts wagging.We have also used the boarding service and have always been happy with the friendliness of the staff and the care Magnolia receives.
Our two dogs go to Happy Dog and absolutely LOVE it. They socialize and play so much better. So glad my friends suggested us taking them there to play. Highly recommend taking your dogs to play at Happy Dogs daycare!
They did an awesome job on my fur baby.. He is so cute
You can tell they really care about each and everyone of their furbaby visitors! They provide with you very helpful information to keep a happy healthy dog. I support their business 100%
Friendly, professional, love your animals as much as you!
Lucky,Leo and Alphie go to Happy Dogs at least once a week. They LOVE it! When we put their collars on, they both head for the car and wait. They know! When I pick them up in the afternoon, they are still wagging their tails. And then once we are home, they crash because they are worn out from all the fun! The staff at Happy Dogs love their four legged friends. Taylor and Lucky have a special bond. Thank You Happy Dogs for being Lucky, Leo and Alphie’s home away from home.
Jackie does an awsome job on our dog EVERY time 🙂
Happy Dogs is one of the best groomers we have been able to find. They get us in quickly and do a great job for a reasonible price. Also, who wouldnt have to trust their dog to one of the top rated facilities in the area!
Happy, Clean, and Smart is the best place to bring your dog.
They do an absolutely fantastic job with our dog. She is a shih tzu, she goes there for boarding and grooming. She definitely gets a little squirrelly when it comes to grooming and the groomers do a great job. I love the fact that I can schedule our boarding online.
Happy Dogs is a wonderful place for dogs that love to be around other playful pups. Many of my pet sitting clients also use Happy Dogs and it's nice having such a wonderful local business I can refer to when our clients want more or need different services. And even better - having a great working relationship with Dionne and Mike to where we can pass referrals back and forth.
Caring people who take great care of our dogs
I brought my little boy, Alfie, here for training and daycare for the first 3 years of his life. He loved and I loved it! It was a sad day for me and the pup when we moved to TN. Highly recommend Happy Clean and Smart!
We’ve struggled to find a groomer for our pooch Cooper. After trying several others and having poor experiences we were referred to Happy Dogs. Jenn took very good care of Cooper and he no longer resembles a mop. 😂 The staff was very friendly and personable. They even gave Cooper a birthday cookie. Thank you. We will be back.
Excellent job, with grooming & bath. Give A+ rating.
good dog sitting .wyitt love it there
Great service! Always kind and patient with the fur babies!
After a poor experience at PetSmart, I asked my Facebook friends where they recommended we go for general grooming for our "children". I had several give Happy Dogs as their preferred groomers. We made an appointment and dropped all three off today. The entire staff was extremely professional and thorough with the check-in process and subsequently the bathing, grooming and nail trimming. We are thoroughly pleased with the entire experience and we definitely will return!! Best wishes, Kent & Steve and of course Don Juan Diego, Rossie, and the beautiful Miss Lucy!! �����
if they are happy they won't try to hurt you. sometimes they will try to playfully bite you but not hurt you.
They really love what they do. They take care of Lexi as if she was their own pet. Lexi always comes home tired from playing at daycare. Their customer service couldn’t be better. The owners know their customers names. And they have a lot of customers!
Just got back from our first visit with Happy Dogs and we absolutely love it!! Artemis’ matting was completely taken care of as well as a full grooming. Her coat looks gorgeous and despite being wary of people, she came out happy and comfortable. She even came out with little bows on her ears and a cute bandana. The staff was incredibly welcoming to us and took amazing care of her. With great service, affordable prices, and genuine care for dogs, I definitely recommend this facility! Happy Dogs absolutely has any further business from us!
We’ve had the worst luck ever trying to find a new groomer for our Saint Bernard after his previous one retired. Nobody would do a dog his size, but happy dogs was more than up for the challenge! Despite being a stubborn boy and quite the challenge, they got him looking like a whole new dog! I’ve never seen him look this good and you can just tell he feels 100 times better! Thank you Happy Dogs!
I Always Bring My Dog Daisy There To Get A Bath + I Love That They Have Doggy Perfume I love the Gingerbread spice one
We love happy dogs!!! They have the friendliest staff! Our Bain always has fun playing with his puppy dog pals there.
The Groomers at Happy Dogs always take fantastic care of my fur-babies! Knowledgeable and friendly, Happy Dogs is my go-to place!
Thanks for taking great care of me! I am going to try to talk my mom into bringing in my 2 stinky brothers. They smell like they have bern rolling around in rotten food compared to me now! I give you 4 paws up!
Super friendly staff!! My finnley LOVES going there and is always exhausted afterwards, which is great for me. For how much your pup is getting, the pricing isn't bad at all. I love to see him get excited when we pull in! That's how I know he loves it. 🙂
Great, caring employees, Abby loves to come.
Emma always enjoys coming to day care and playing with the other dogs.
My 5 year old Shih Tzu was happy and groomed the best out of all the groomers we have tried are definitely now a permanent customer. The staff is friendly & welcoming!