Temperament Evaluation

We require any dog interested in daycare and boarding to participate in a Temperament Evaluation. You may book a Temperament evaluation by calling our facility and setting up that time. The evaluation is very much for the benefit of your dog to make sure that they feel safe and comfortable in this environment and are happy while they are here.

Temperament Evaluations typically last 3 hours. They can be scheduled, by appointment only, Monday through Thursday at either 8:30am or 12:30pm and on Fridays at 8:30am.

The evaluations coincide with our two daycare sessions in order for your fur baby to be slowly introduced to the other dogs in our facility. This helps us learn more about your dog and how they interact with other dogs so that we can be confident in giving each dog the most fun and safe playtime experience possible.


Plan to spend about a half hour at our facility when you bring your dog in for their evaluation. We will review your vet records and enrollment application, and the evaluator will meet you and your dog and answer any questions you may have. You do not have to stay for the duration of the Temperament Evaluation. We can call you when it’s over and let you know how your dog did.

Once your dog has passed the Temperament Evaluation, you will be able schedule daycare and boarding sessions by logging into your account on our scheduling software program Gingr.

If your dog will be staying overnight and has not previously attended Daycare at our facility, you must schedule your pet’s Temperament Evaluation prior to the check-in date of their overnight stay. We recommend having your dog attend a few sessions of daycare before leaving them for an extended period of time. Your dog will be more comfortable and will enjoy a happy, healthy stay by having attended daycare prior to you leaving them here for their overnight or extended stay.

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