Introducing your dog to daycare at Happy Dogs

Taking your dog to daycare is one of the best things you can do for your dog (in our humble opinion)! Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy or older dog, or your schedule makes it necessary, or you just want to get your dog some playtime with other pups, daycare at Happy Dogs can help ensure your dog gets the socialization and exercise they need to live a happy, fulfilled life as a dog!

We here at Happy Dogs want you to be prepared before bringing your pooch in for the first time. Here’s a quick rundown of what we need to know from you, the pet parent, and what you should know about how our daycare works and what we can provide for your pet!

Before scheduling your dog’s Temperament Evaluation (more on that below), there are a few pieces of information you should get together for our staff. Aside from current vaccination records from your vet, we need to know:

Age/Breed/Gender: These basic pieces of information about your dog can tell us a lot before we even meet your dog. All of these things can influence a dog’s energy, their basic attitude towards new experiences, and which situations or other dogs may influence their behavior.

A basic run-down of your dog’s typical behaviors: Are they easily startled, possessive over toys or food, or have demonstrated any alarming behaviors towards other dogs? These things are very helpful and always appreciated by our daycare staff!

Finally, a brief history of your dog’s life is really informative. Having an idea of your dog’s life experiences lets us know of social skills your dog may or may not have. It can also give us insight into what situations may trigger unwanted behaviors, giving our staff the heads-up they need to intervene before a possibly tense situation escalates.

What we need to know about your dog is important for us, but we also want you to know how we do things here at Happy Dogs. After all, no one wants to leave their dog somewhere and worry about how they’re being cared for.

When you bring your pup in for it’s pre-scheduled Temperament Evaluation, we’ll take him or her back and get them settled in their own crate or suite where they will be resting between play sessions. To ensure your dog can get comfortable with the new environment, they will be the first dog brought out into the play area for the session they’re scheduled for. Then one by one, we’ll bring more dogs to them until the entire group has been let out. Barring any aggression or anti-social behaviors, your pup will pass their Evaluation and be welcomed as a regular member of the Happy Dogs daycare group!

We take pride in our staff having up-to-date training in dog behaviors and group dynamics. Through the FetchFind training program, our staff learns how to read a dog’s body language, how breed can affect behavior, how to positively interact with your dog, and much more!

We believe in 100% positive interactions with your dog. This means we use positive reinforcement (praise of wanted behaviors) and negative punishment (removing ourselves or the object of focus in the face of unwanted behaviors) to help all the dogs in our care return to their humans behaviorally healthier than they were when brought in to us.

We are here for you and your dogs seven days a week, 365 days a year! Our professional staff can’t wait to give your pups a fun-filled day and lots of love!


By Tyler Bartlett

Daycare Attendant