Group training classes have outstanding benefits no matter your skill level. Whether it’s your first dog or your tenth, you and your pup will come away from the class with a stronger bond and the tools to communicate with each other effectively.

Training classes are typically a little less intense than one-on-one private training sessions, but they offer a completely different setting and dynamic. Group classes do require your dog to focus on you with classmates all around, which is challenging for some, but makes good practice for public outings. They’re also conducted at a speed that best matches the average skill level of the group, so as not to leave anyone behind. Not every dog can master every command each class, but having a week at home to practice allows everyone to stay on track with the course schedule.

All group classes held at Happy Dogs are conducted by Bonnie Krupa of Advanced Canine Techniques.  To view her class schedule, as well as register for classes, please click here.  You can follow Bonnie on Facebook.

For more information on group training classes, please contact Bonnie at (317) 281-6124.