My job as Front Desk / Customer Service

By March 16, 2019 January 23rd, 2020 General

It starts with the flip of a switch and a press of a few buttons…

That is how most days begin here at Happy Dogs. A few barks and we are ready to start the day with breakfasts! All dogs that board with us have varied diets, some restricted, others not so much. Each breakfast is prepped and handed out before people even start to arrive for daycare.

A doorbell rings in the boarding room – it is time for the first daycare dogs arrival! Smiling faces are greeted with wagging tails as one by one dogs are dropped off for the day.  Each one taken back to respective crates, and with their personal items (collars, harnesses, etc.) now removed, they await the start of dog let out into daycare.

With a few presses of buttons on our computer, we now know what dogs are here for daycare and any other items of business (nail trims, teeth brushings, baths) are logged. The average amount of dogs that arrive for daycare varies given the day of the week but you can expect to see at least 40+ daycare dogs at our facility. At anytime you can expect to hear the elated barks of dogs eager to play.

Daycare dogs are not the only dogs to arrive at our facility. We also take pride in our grooming here at Happy Dogs. While dogs are being dropped off to daycare, we also have dogs coming in for grooming.  Sounds a bit hectic, right?  This is just a normal day for our Front Desk staff. We take time to make sure that your pooch is getting the grooming that you desire. A quick conversation with the Front Desk or with your dog’s Groomer and you are all set! We can even groom your dog while they are here for daycare (if you have an appointment, that is) or our daycare staff can give them a quick bath!

Mornings are relatively fast paced, between dogs being dropped off for either daycare, boarding, or grooming, and on top of that, the phone ringing, it can get a little overwhelming. The rest of the afternoon can feel as if it is moving at a snail’s pace compared to the morning shifts. We utilize this time to update information, make reminder phone calls, and most importantly CLEAN. We take pride in having a clean facility and using our down time to do so really can make the day fly by!

Though the afternoon is relatively slow,  once 4pm rolls around it has started to pick back up. Friendly customers who are now off work and ready to take home their tired, and now exercised dogs home! Front desk staff who are in for the evening shift are in charge of preparing dinners as well. Each one carefully prepared as instructed by the owners, much like breakfasts. Dinners are passed out between 5-5:30 pm.

Finally, to finish the day, Front Desk staff cleans the lobby, hall way, and bathrooms before finishing up all final closing tasks before we are done for the day.

And it ends with the press of a few buttons and the flip of a switch..

Brenna Leadingham

Front Desk/Customer Service