Update on Tiny: Starting a new year in a new home!

By January 9, 2018 General

After being with us here at Happy Dogs for a few months, Tiny was getting a bit stressed and really looking forward to going back home, although he wouldn’t be going back from where he came.

So the chance arose for one of us to foster him. We all have dogs, some more than others, so some of us really didn’t have the space for him.

Somehow I knew from the start he’d be a perfect addition to my pack, if even just for a short time, and maybe I could find him a good home along the way. So I brought him home with me; he loved riding in the passenger seat of my truck just hanging his head out the window on the way, as if he knew where we were going. Once we got there, the meet and greet began! He took immediately to my Staffordshire Terrier, Ms. Maia. Chasing her around the house and playing, and cuddling later that night. I knew then that his home would be nowhere else but here with us.

Fast forward about a month or so, it’s Christmas time and Tiny has made his own special place here in our home.  We made sure his Christmas was a great one this year. Cookies, sweaters, and bones for all the dogs!

We’ve learned a lot about him in the time he’s been home with us. Vet records show he’s a lot older than what we were told when he was surrendered to us (we were under the impression he was 6 or 7; he’s actually 13!).

He has congestive heart failure and is on medication for it;  we are also working with him to lose a few pounds (He’s down from 16 to 14 now).  But most importantly, we have learned that he is content right here at home with us, and that’s where he’s going to stay.

He’s happier and more active than ever and we’re committed to giving him the best years of his life that we can.

So for the new year, Tiny will have all the love and couch cuddles he could ever wish for.


 – Casey Redwine

Daycare Attendant, Happy Dogs