Gifts for Your Favorite Dog Lover

By December 5, 2017 General

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and my shopping list is growing just as quickly. Every year it seems I have more people that I’m buying gifts for – partners, kids, parents, siblings, in-laws, friends, teachers, neighbors…..I could go on and on. Narrowing down ideas and pounding out a budget is time-consuming and sometimes incredibly stressful. It’s tough enough to find one perfect present, let alone perfect gifts for twenty or thirty people!

Luckily for me, a good number of the people on my list this year are dedicated, hardcore “dog people,” which takes quite a bit of the guesswork out of my shopping trips. As I’ve been browsing and brainstorming, I’ve put together a collection of unique items that are sure to please any dog lover on your list.


1.  Canine Caricatures

These adorable, fully-personalized pieces of art are perfect for any pup around, especially those that may have their fair share of quirks. When I was searching for an artist to illustrate my pack, I found several amazing options on Etsy. In the end though, I went with PAWtraits by Lauren, who specializes in animals, and I couldn’t be happier with her work.





 2.  Personalized Clay Ornaments

I stumbled upon this amazing little Etsy shop two years ago, but at the time they were already swamped with holiday orders and I had to wait until the following spring to place my order. But let me tell you, it was  worth the wait! These adorable little ornaments are 100% custom-made to match your dog exactly, and will look phenomenal on your tree.

3.  Kurgo Loft Hammock

This is the perfect gift for the adventurous dog parents whose pups tag along everywhere they go. The water-resistant hammock protects the seat from mud, tears, accidents, and all sorts of other mishaps while the hammock style keeps your dog more comfortable and less likely to end up on the floor or the console. The fabric is durable and washable, and will last for years if properly cared for. One size fits most medium-sized makes and models, but may not be appropriate for extra large SUVs or trucks. Find it and others at

4.  Monthly Toy/Treat Subscription Box


This is one of those gifts that could be for the human or the dog, but both will be appreciative! There are a number of services out there now that offer subscriptions for boxes of goodies to be delivered to their doorstep each month. Some of them offer a variety of toys and treats, some are relatively customizable, but each one promises variety and new surprises in each box. Some popular ones are BarkBox, Pet Gift Box, and my personal favorite, Real Pet Food.



5 . The Dogist

This charming book by the instagram-famous thedogist is a photo collection of 1000 dogs on the streets of New York City and beyond. Each photo is accompanied by a sweet or witty caption that offers a glimpse into the life of the pup in the frame. The Dogist makes a great coffee table book that will please recipients and their guests for years and years to come. The Dogist book is available at Amazon and other major retailers.

There you have it! Whether you need something cute and personal or something useful and rugged, one of these awesome gifts is bound to be a hit for any dog lover on your shopping list. Not to mention, these are some great ideas to toss out there if anyone comes around asked what YOU would like under the tree this year!

Taylor Herr

Director of Training at Happy Dogs