Shoo flea, Please don’t bother me!

By November 7, 2017 General


Fall is the worst time for our enemy “The Evil Flea “.  Just because the weather is turning colder and we have had a few frosts does not mean those pesky insects are gone.  They are in fact making their last desperate efforts the multiply before they go underground for winter.  A flea can survive underground for 200 days. If we do have a real freeze that is where they go to survive ! As soon as the temperature is above freezing they are out there again searching for their blood meal on your poor dog.



 The flea dirt you see on your dog looks like dark brown granules.  It is actually dried blood left to feed the flea larva that hatch out of the eggs the fleas lay.  It is of the utmost importance this time of year to be diligent about keeping up with a flea bath, and follow your monthly flea preventative. Dogs can be very allergic to the flea bites, chewing themselves and leaving brown stains on their fur, which is a stain from the dogs saliva.  If your dog is losing hair, your vet can give the dog something to help relieve the itch and stop the endless cycle of chewing.



Do not feel hopeless in your quest to fight the fleas.  If you surrender the fight, the fleas will get worse, and we do not want them to “Win the battle”.

 ~ Jackie Quinn, Groomer