Tiny…the story of One Happy Dog!

By October 6, 2017 October 24th, 2017 General

Tiny’s Transformation

Every now and then here at Happy Dogs, we encounter dogs with unusual, sometimes tragic, home circumstances. That was the case for Tiny the Chihuahua, who was surrendered to our care. Here is a glimpse into his story:

One Friday afternoon, a desolate, overweight, and seemingly handicapped Chihuahua came hobbling through our doors. He was surrendered to one of our long time employees, who had been asked to help with his ill human companion. We came to know him as Tiny and little did we know the huge impact he would have on us all.

Tiny came from a loving home, but due to the difficult circumstances his owner was going through, his living conditions were sub par. Tiny’s owner became unable to care for herself, let alone anotherliving being. Eventually she came to terms with the fact that Tiny needed more than she could provide, and she made the difficult choice to reach out for help.

From the moment he stepped through our doors, it became apparent that Tiny would need a lot of TLC in order to be a “Happy Dog.” He hung his head in the corner of his enclosure, couldn’t walk across gravel, and often panted excessively due to being overweight. We were told that he wasn’t potty trained, as he was forced to eliminate wherever he could find a spot inside of his house. Tiny was just plain sad, and clearly wasn’t living the life that he was meant to have.

We watched as Tiny struggled to do minimal activities, but day by day he continued to improve. In the first two weeks he began to shed some of his weight that kept him from properly walking and made him very uncomfortable. We adjusted his diet and allowed him to exercise as much as he safely was able to, and we noticed a big difference in Tiny. As the weeks went on we could tell that his well-being had greatly improved and he had become very comfortable with our staff.  Tiny was healthier and happier, and seemed to be a totally different dog.

Fast forward to now, a month and a half later, and Tiny is completely transformed. He no longer is the seemingly old, depressed Chihuahua that he once was. When we start letting the dogs out for daycare each morning, he runs as fast as he can, even across the gravel, to see his furry and human friends. Tiny even wants to play and will play bite our hands to get us to pay attention to him. When my coworkers and I talk about Tiny, we simply say that he is the HAPPIEST dog we have ever seen.  Our staff absolutely adores Tiny and we’re thrilled about his transformation during his time with us. It’s dogs like Tiny that make our job so rewarding. So whatever Tiny’s future may hold for him, he will forever hold a special place in our hearts. He is still in our care until the right situation arises for him.

By Eden Howells, Daycare Attendant