Building a bond with your groomer!

By September 7, 2017 General

Here at Happy Dogs, we feel it’s important to keep our groomers up to date on the latest techniques and grooming styles.  For us to groom your dog to meet your expectations in an efficient and timely manor, it is vital that we stay current in our industry on these important skills.   As a young, learning groomer, I thoroughly enjoy expanding my mind to see things in different perspectives.

I recently attended the All American Grooming Show in Wheeling, Illinois so I could improve my knowledge of the different styles of dog grooming, handling, and care of our pets.  I participated in de-matting classes, learned about and used some of the latest dog products on the market, and also witnessed top show groomers compete in various grooming competitions.

I can assure you that not one groomer grooms the exact same way, which is why it is extremely important to pick a groomer you enjoy and stay with them!  Not only does this keep you, the dog owner, happy and ensures a job well done each time, but it also helps to build trust and a strong bond between your dog and it’s groomer.  Forming this personal relationship between owner, dog, and groomer results in a win, win solution!  For you and your dog’s best grooming experience, we encourage you to stop in to meet our groomers, or contact us via telephone or email.

Get out there; find your groomer, and build that bond.  A genuine bond between you and your groomer that can last a lifetime!

– Stephanie Hiatt, groomer