Why does every dog go through a temperament evaluation?

By August 22, 2017 October 4th, 2017 General

Being the new kid can be tough for humans, but did you know it can be tough for your pup as well? Even dogs that spend a lot of time around other dogs can get stressed out in a new environment with new dogs to interact with. All dogs are good dogs, but our off-leash play environment isn’t perfect for every dog.

 While some dogs thrive in group play, some prefer to just hang around people instead. Our temperament evaluation process helps the transition into our daycare playgroup feel welcoming, fun, and determine if it’s a good fit for your pup.

The first thing we do is get your dog acquainted with the environment. We begin the evaluation while the playgroups are outside so it’s calm and quiet in our indoor daycare area. This allows your dog to get to walk around, get used to how the floor feels, the smells, the sounds, and get to a balanced state. Every dog is different so we take as much time as needed for the dog to feel relaxed with the surroundings whether it takes a few minutes or more than an hour.

Once your dog is comfortable we determine which playgroup will be the best fit. This is determined based on a combination of breed, age, energy level, and information about the dog’s personality at home. One dog is brought in to have the first meet and greet with your dog. We observe closely how your dog greets, interacts, or avoids the other dog. If your dog is calm and still in a balanced state, or enjoying some play, we will continue to introduce more dogs from the playgroup. Once we have introduced all the dogs from the playgroup to your dog the real fun begins.


We will move the group to one of our outside yards. Our large back park gives lots of room for the dogs to run and romp around. Often this is when your dog really starts to have a good time exploring and playing. It is covered in our canine turf so your pup won’t get dirty, but they might get wet playing in our pools or fountains!

The entire process usually takes a few hours. Once we have completed your pup’s evaluation we will call you to update you on how everything went and answer any questions you might have. The success of your dog’s first day helps them feel safe when they return for daycare or boarding in future.


After going through our temperament evaluation, you can be confident that your pup won’t get picked on for being the new kid and will have a great time playing with friends!


by Ashlie McCormack