Who Needs Grooming?

By June 26, 2017 General

All dogs can benefit from routine grooming! You don’t need to have a poodle with a show coat to reap the rewards of a professional groomer. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and coat types require some level of coat, nail, and ear care.

We’ll start with the obvious types (i.e. poodles, shih tzus, yorkies, havanese, doodles). These dogs definitely require regular grooming which is at least every 6-8 weeks, sometimes more depending on the amount of coat you want to keep on your dog. These dogs also need regular maintenance done at home in between their grooming appointments, your groomer will appreciate it!

Next up we will talk about the semi-obvious types (i.e. golden, aussies, terriers, collies). Dogs like these may not look like they would require the attention of a groomer but they most certainly do! A groomer can not only tidy up the overall look of your pet, but you would be amazed at the amount of undercoat (all the stuff you vacuum up from your floors, sofa, etc) that we can get off of your dog during an appointment. Also check out our fantastic deshedding service! Again, every 6-8 weeks is ideal to keep your pup’s coat in tip top shape.

Now on to the not so obvious types (i.e. labs, shepherds, huskys, viszlas, boxers). These types of dogs typically have a short coat that would seem like they don’t need the professional attention of a groomer but they benefit greatly from routine grooming. We don’t typically have to do much hair cutting on dogs of this sort but again, the undercoat we can remove is beneficial to them and your sweeper! Regular nail maintenance is crucial also. Nails that become overgrown cause a myriad of health problems for your pet. Again, every 6-8 weeks is a good time frame to keep your pet in optimal shape.

If your dog falls in to one of these categories (it does!), then your dog could use the expertise of a professional groomer!

Jenn Morgan