Group training classes are a great way to bond with your dog and learn how to teach them basic behaviors, but like any class, they require a lot of time, often include homework, and you can’t expect a one-on-one lesson every week. Our Play & Train package solves those problems by having a professional lay the groundwork for you while you’re busy at work or relaxing on vacation.

Raven ‘leaving’ the treats alone

First we teach your dog, and then we teach you how to sustain the training! This will eradicate much of the frustration that comes with the “blind leading the blind” approach that some group classes tend to have, as well as freeing up time for on-the-go owners.

Taylor Herr, our resident trainer at Happy Dogs, has a bachelor’s in Animal Sciences – Behavior & Well-Being from Purdue University, she is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and has over 10 years of training experience. At Happy Dogs, we are aware that training is not “one size fits all”, and therefore, the lessons will be customized based on your individual goals and each session will be set at a comfortable pace for your dog! Taylor utilizes a wide variety of gentle methods and techniques in order to cater each individual owner’s needs and insure that every dog succeeds in the program.

Minnie sitting pretty!

Our Play & Train package covers a series of manners and commands that will give your pups the basis they’ll need to be polite and engaged members of your family! We will establish and reinforce the behaviors throughout the five training sessions and end the course by meeting with you, the owner(s), to demonstrate your dog’s achievements. Please visit this link for more in depth information regarding the Play & Train curriculum (PDF).

>>Download the Play & Train Intake Form (PDF)

Play & Train

$ 325

5 Weeks
  • 5 training sessions that take place while your dog is here for daycare or boarding at Happy Dogs
  • Sessions are best used consecutively during a 2-week period or during an extended boarding

Play & Train 5 Session Package = $325

Daycare and Boarding prices are in addition to Play & Train

Download the Play & Train Intake Form