Group training classes have outstanding benefits no matter your skill level. Whether it’s your first dog or your tenth, you and your pup will come away from the class with a stronger bond and the tools to communicate with each other effectively. But how can you be sure that a group class is right for you?

Training classes are typically a little less intense than one-on-one private training sessions, but they offer a completely different setting and dynamic. In our classes, you and 6-10 other humans and dogs will be working under one trainer. The trainer leads the class, demonstrating and explaining the training to the entire group before providing individual assistance.

Group classes do require your dog to focus on you with classmates all around, which is challenging for some, but makes good practice for public outings. They’re also conducted at a speed that best matches the average skill level of the group, so as not to leave anyone behind. Not every dog can master every command each class, but having a week at home to practice allows everyone to stay on track with the course schedule.

Basic Manners
Basic Manners is our foundation course for mastering basic behaviors. No experience is required to enroll, and any age dog is welcome to attend, so long as they’re fully vaccinated. Dogs must be under their owner’s control at all times and remain on a 6-foot leash while on the premises. Closed-toed footwear is required, and weather-appropriate clothing is encouraged as some classes will take place outdoors.

The course covers behaviors including: sit, down, stay, come, watch me, drop it, leave it, polite greetings, and loose leash walking.

You’ll have hands-on guidance in class as well as advice on continuing to practice each command at home. Continued support through your trainer is available anytime during or after the duration of the course as well. Together, all of these behaviors will contribute to a well-mannered and polite companion that you’ll be happy to show off!


Advanced Conduct

 Advanced Conduct is for the pups that loved Basic Manners and are itching for more! We’ll be tackling some of the biggest challenges that dogs face in their training as well as learning more precise handling techniques on the other end of the leash.

Participants will build a skillset to help them bring out deference and self control in their dogs. Advanced Conduct not only helps sharpen and develop your pup’s advanced skills, it also provides you with management techniques that can be tailored and utilized throughout the dog’s lifetime.  This class will have more “homework” than Basic Manners and is designed for those owners who prove that they are serious about their dogs’ behavior 100% of the time, and that already have a solid training foundation established.

This class will put a focus on real-life applications, working with distractions, and fine-tuning handler techniques.


Class Fees

The fee for each 5-week session of classes is $125; class fees are non-refundable and there are no make-ups.


Advanced Conduct Class

Thursday, January 116:00pm
Thursday, January 186:00pm
Thursday, January 256:00pm
Thursday, February 16:00pm
Thursday, February 8 6:00pm

Basic Manners Class - Monday nights

Monday, January 87:15 pm
Monday, January 157:15 pm
Monday, January 227:15 pm
Monday, January 297:15 pm
Monday, February 57:15 pm

Basic Manners Class - Thursday nights

Thursday, January 117:15 pm
Thursday, January 187:15 pm
Thursday, January 257:15 pm
Thursday, February 17:15 pm
Thursday, February 8 7:15 pm

Leash Etiquette

Monday, January 86:00 pm
Monday, January 156:00 pm
Monday, January 226:00 pm
Monday, January 296:00 pm
Monday, February 56:00 pm
Leash Etiquette is to improve leash-walking skills; dogs should be familiar with basic manners such as sit, down, etc.

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